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State of Exceptional Webnation is the future of social media and citizenship. Be part of this revolutionary online community and state.

The State of Exceptional Webnation is the future of social media and citizenship, and you are invited to be part of this revolutionary online nation-state. Join Desearch Repartment as we define a whole new paradigm at the intersection of social media, futures, and creativity at

The potential of happy data

We are truly living in a global State of Exceptional but we’re not gaining the true happy we deserve. At times, our lives online feel distracted and disjointed. Online we show our true higher selves: perfect lifestyles, careers, meals, family life, selfies – and you have the potential to make this a reality.

Today’s social media is a great blueprint for the Web 5.0, but it’s got so much room to grow. Tired of the echo chamber? Bored of connecting only to like-minded people, products, and ideas that you already know, love, and agree with? We’re so connected, yet so disconnected from what’s possible. Wasn’t the Internet supposed to be a universe of information to bring us all closer together? Instead it’s distancing us from what makes us happy – while corporations are profiting with our every click, all the while owning our data and soon our identities. What if these algorithms benefitted us directly instead of our profits and potential being controlled by corporate heads? State of Exceptional Futures are going to be different.

Today’s nationhood is wrought with challenges. These turbulent times are a real threat to the state of democracy. With the climate in crisis, threatening cyber warfare, and our political systems at a breaking point, perhaps we need a miracle. Or maybe a total disruptive innovation of our human potential and value?

It’s essential and possible to be truly happy

State of Exceptional Webnation is a complete redefinition of the Status Quo™. You’ll still have the same connections and community you know and love, but you’ll actually be in control of your data and social capital. By building a hierarchy of happiness you’ll define all the unique building blocks that make up your exceptional lifestyle, personality, and desires as they change in real time. Using the exclusive questionnaire modules will help you learn about who you are, what you need, and where you’re going. The Webnation’s technical innovations in data democracy give you access and editing capabilities to our archive – like Wikipedia for your metadata. Creating more opportunities and more equality, for everyone.

We are always on our computers and phones, and now almost everyone deals with some kind of tech neck, shoulder tension, or carpal tunnel issues. Walking through the world looking down and scrolling online while listening to music, do we ever look into another’s eyes or chat with a stranger anymore? Being constantly connected online is great, but we can’t forget about our bodies. With our embodiment practice YAGA you will maintain integrity in your spine and bring physicality to your internet practice. The relationship between your smart device and your body, your avatar and your self, will become more integrated, balanced, and merged.

As you advance in your practice, you will no longer need clunky passwords – your mind itself will control access and privacy. With this advancement in human senses, security will be a feeling we all share. The need for borders will lessen as SOE citizenship provides you with the ultimate access: freedom.

As you expand and refine your SOE CV, add new friends to your collection, gain status, learn advanced flexibility through YAGA, and try performance enhancing self-care options your privileges will increase, you’ll be documented and have documents, see and be seen, be Liked and Like others, all adding to your importality. With EHP within your grasp, your value will increase as you perform for your life, transforming your data into a priceless work of art. As you gain SOE rewards you will have access to your own DNA archive, hologram selfies, nanobot implants, cloning and reality simulation. You will be your own masterpiece and museum.

Laugh your way to happy

As Desearch Repartment always says: satire is the party drug of the masses. When people are laughing and enjoying themselves they are on their way to understanding how to find their true happiness. While the world is busy laughing and smiling that’s when they are ready to absorb the real truth. With the State of Exceptional Webnation people have the freedom to access self-transformation to improve their performance and the production of their own validated image. Seeing the newly lived reality through Neo-Lived Realism affirms your existence and gives you the power of double vision. And that’s where real change happens. When it’s difficult to differentiate between satire and reality it’s an opportunity to bring our minds back to a neutral place. Then when reality upsets people you can say “it’s just a joke!” And everyone will laugh.

Exceptionally happy futures – now!

The State of Exceptional provides access to anyone, anywhere, anytime, and it melds seamlessly into the fabric of our lives. The American experiment may be heaving its last breath, but its original quest still lives on. State of Exceptional Webnation promises perpetual life, responsive liberty, and flexible happiness for the most important part of you: your data!

At State of Exceptional Webnation the futures promise us a chance for abundant happiness, more integration of our lives both on and offline, and eternal uniqueness as invaluable works of art – it’s our karmic fate to become future wonders of the world. We know you care about the world and democracy, join others just like you and experience the webnational futures on SOE. As online citizens we are all committed to the belief that we can use our digital mass to bring about positive, happy change.

State of Exceptional Webnation at

In addition to failing us in the midst of a rising number of global crises, politicians are giving us less and less reason to hope for our futures. Neo-Lived Realism, the Institute for Durational Futures (IDF), and the Essential Happiness Possibility are now offering us a rewarding alternative, and it melds seamlessly into the fabric of our lives. The State of Exceptional provides access to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Democratic and borderless just like the Internet and America were supposed to be. Exceptional democracy.

With the SOE our global community can start addressing problems like Environmental AIDS, energy sourcing of the nuclear family, self-fracking, neoracial industrial complex, social migration practices, feminization of the selfie, wealth quality, etc etc.