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workequalsworthequalsinnocence (2009)

On Thursday we met at Berri-UQAM. Not all people in the group had met each other before today. The intention was to meet and discuss the situation/the articles/mental illness/police violence/oppression and decide what to do do. Karen said, “I don’t feel comfortable wearing the shirt.”  I said it was okay, no one had to wear the shirts, they are a gift. I turned to speak to someone else and noticed the police had arrived, had driven in the park and were just sitting there. I wondered if they were going to ask us to leave. As I started trying to “facilitate” the group, someone said, “look at Karen”. I turned and she had the shirt on and was standing in front of the police car. Blocking their view of the people in the park, showing the text on her shirt. She did not move .  I spoke to people in the park to answer questions and hear their thoughts, they were very amused. We talked about poverty, oppression, resistance, prisons.  20 minutes later the police drove up beside her and asked if she was okay and maybe would she like to “sit on a bench”. “No I’m okay here.” she replied. I came up beside her to make sure she was okay. The police drove away.

“Il ne faisait que passer”

Translations:  “He did nothing but pass”, “He didn’t do anything other than pass”, ”He was just passing”, “He didn’t do anything but pass”

What does it mean to pass?


Anthony Griffin, 19 ans: 11 novembre 1987

Yvon Lafrance, 40 ans: 3 janvier 1989

Leslie Presley, 26 ans: 9 avril 1990

Jorge Chavaria-Reyer, 22 ans: 22 novembre 1990

Yvan Dugas, 36 ans: 19 avril 1991

Marcellus François, 24 ans: 3 juillet 1991

Armand Fernandez, 24 ans: 4 novembre 1991

Osmond Seymiour Fletcher, 26 ans: 14 novembre 1991

Trevor Kelly, 43 ans: 1er janvier 1993

Yvon Asselin, 39 ans: 6 mars 1993

Paolo Romanelli, 23 ans: 9 mars 1995

Martin Omar Suazo, 23 ans: 31 mai 1995

Philippe Ferraro, 67 ans: 26 juin 1995

Richard Barnabé, 41 ans: 2 mai 1996

Daniel Bélair, 39 ans: 17 mai 1996

Michel Mathurin, 49 ans: 17 mai 1996

Yvan Fond-Rouge, 36 ans: 30 avril 1998

Jean-Pierre Lizotte, 45 ans: 16 octobre 1999

Michel Berniquez, 45 ans: 28 juin 2003

Benoît Richer, 28 ans: 20 juillet 2004

Mohamed Anas Bennis, 25 ans: 1er décembre 2005

Quillem Registre, 38 ans: 14 octobre 2007

Fredy Villanueva, 18 ans: 9 août 2008

Jean-Claude Lemay, 48 ans: 26 janvier 2011

Patrick Saulnier, 27 ans: 6 février 2011

Mario Hamel, 40 ans: 7 juin 2011

Patrick Limoges, 36 ans: 7 juin 2011